Yume and creative process

Our guests often asked us as to how dishes are created at Indochine. Here is our answers:

Yume is the one and only to come up with new dishes for our guests. There were days when she got hits after hits and yet there were months that was torturous for her as nothing she came up met her expectation!

Yume is not a cooking perfectionist. She is not that picky. She just has this sense for flavors and their combinations. If they don’t combine in such as way that she considers “dancing in her mouth”; those dishes will never see the lights of days! The staff loves it when she started creating as we get to try new things but 90% of the time, we will never taste those dishes again.
Creating new dishes is an art as we all know it. There were days when the scientist from Yume overtook the artist in her and those were the days when she came up empty-handed. What we notice is that every time Yume dines out somewhere and that she is impressed with the dishes there – whether they are French, Mexican, Italian…she will be inspired and create something and they are generally a hit.

So, our answer as to Yume’s creative process is to send her out eating somewhere new and she will come back, inspired and performs her magic in the kitchen and bring smiles to our guests!

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