Oriental Parker CO Restaurants

Oriental food is a great option to consider for dinner, and if you are looking for Parker, CO restaurants then we invite you to try Indochine Cuisine. Instead of limiting our menu to only one type of oriental food, we offer a variety of options including curry, noodles, and wok dishes. There is something for everyone on our menu.

Our focus at Indochine Cuisine is to be sure that you have a good experience in our restaurant. We are among the top Parker, CO restaurants for people with specific dietary requirements, because we have many dishes available that can be catered to your needs. For example, our menu is clearly marked with gluten free options, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that none of our food is prepared with peanut oil.

Another way we cater our menu to special diets is by offering vegetarian and vegan options. Instead of meat, you can choose to have tofu in your dish. If you have any of these eating requirements, just tell your server about your preferences when you are ordering your food.

Indochine Cuisine offers dine-in and take-out options, call us today to place your order or to schedule a reservation: (720) 851-8559.

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