Thoughts on 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014!

Another year is almost over!  Jan 2, 2014 will mark the 11th year Indochine Cuisine has been in Parker!  Do you remember the little place we had for 5 years right behind Wells Fargo?  The picture shown here was how Indochine looked in 2003 – before we did some major face-lift to it.  Although the maximum capacity was 28 seats, there were days when we first had Indochine that we could not fill all 28 seats even we were the only Thai and Vietnamese restaurant in Parker during those early years.

Our small place held many fond memories for us and our Thai staff.  We now have our Thai kids (the sons and daughter of our Thai chefs) whom we adore.  Many of our guests have been with us since day ONE and are still with us.  At the same time, those early years were a big struggle for us as we really had no idea of opening and running a food business (maybe still don’t :-)). We are just very thankful for the generous support of many and our hard work and determination not to fail :-).

2013 has been the year of a few ALMOSTS for us.  We almost open a new place in Fort Collins (the location is perfect…we still want to have it someday, maybe).  We almost purchase another location in DTC (thank you to those who knocked some business senses into us at the last-minute).  We almost – once again – publish Yume’s second cook book.  What we did ended up doing without planning was opening SuChine and finally got our website professionally built (hope you all love it and find it useful)!  Who said we are not impulsive and reckless people!  2013 also marked the year that we decided to put less focus on the sauce company just because we have to scale up on our operations due to the increased traffic.  We simply could not do them all!

So, looking forward to 2014…lots of excitement because we will be focusing on doing tons of cooking videos so everyone can “cook with Yume” for your Indochine’s favorite dishes.  Maybe a few cooking classes here and there.  We hope to take our sauce to a much wider distribution. AND a few more notable culinary creations for both of our restaurants.

We are looking forward to the next year – with you sharing the journey with us.

Eat well.  Be well!

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