Finding Tasty Food at Local Restaurants

Did you know that there is a big difference in the way food is prepared for local restaurants in Parker, compared with some of the bigger chain restaurants? Most people assume that the food is similar, because they don’t understand the preparation that goes on behind the scenes when the chefs are preparing your food.

As an example, consider the food that you get when you go to a fast food restaurant. Big chain fast food locations want to be sure the taste is consistent no matter which restaurant that you visit, so they often prepare some of the food off-site and then ship it to the individual locations. For example, some of the main dishes may be prepared in a warehouse, frozen, then shipped to the fast food chain in your local area. When you order that dish on the menu, the chefs are simply defrosting the meal so that you can eat it.

Local restaurants take a different approach though, because most of the food is prepared in-house. So, fresh ingredients are brought into the kitchen, and that is the point where the preparation work is done in order to cook the meal.

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