Vegan Dining: Parker, CO Restaurants

If you are looking for Parker, CO restaurants that include vegan dining options, it might be a little difficult to find a good menu that has a lot of vegan dishes. Most restaurants will offer some type of vegetarian meal, but those vegetarian options sometimes contain other ingredients that come from animals.

Strict vegans avoid eating any type of ingredient that came from an animal. For example, milk and dairy products are avoided because the milk came from a cow (or goat), honey is avoided because it was produced by bees, and meat-based broths are avoided since they were flavored with animal ingredients.

Indochine Cuisine is one of the Parker, CO restaurants that offers menu choices which are truly vegan. We have multiple meals that you can choose from, allowing a variety of dishes for you to enjoy. Our menu features dishes with different Asian cooking styles, including Thai and Vietnamese oriental food. Instead of having beef, chicken, or seafood in your dish, you can choose an option for tofu or veggies only.

Our goal is to provide you with delicious food that matches your eating preference. Call us to place an order by phone, or visit Indochine Cuisine to enjoy a nice meal in the restaurant: (720) 851-8559

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