Thai Restaurants in Parker

Thai food is wonderful because there are many delicious flavors and seasonings that can be enjoyed. The seasoning blends are unique, and unlike classic American dishes. If you are looking for Thai restaurants in Parker, consider trying Indochine Cuisine which offers Thai dishes as well as other oriental foods.

The menu includes delicious choices such as curry, stir-fry options, and noodle dishes. You can choose the level of heat, because the curry spices can be adjusted to your taste buds. If you like the taste of curry without too much spice, let your server know and the cook can prepare the curry in a mild format for you to enjoy.

One of the great things about Thai food at Indochine Cuisine is the fact that we are one of the restaurants in Parker who understands how important it is to be careful about food allergies. For example, we don’t use peanut oil in our cooking, and MSG is never added to our foods. Additionally, we have many menu options that are available for gluten-free eating, and dishes can be prepared with tofu instead of meat if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan options.

Check out our menu online to choose the food that you would like to try, and then call us and we will have your food ready for pickup when you arrive: (720) 851-8559.

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