Favorite Parker, CO Restaurants

Indochine Cuisine is quickly becoming one of the favorite Parker, CO restaurants because people love the fact that the menu offers a variety of options and the entrees can be catered for individual eating styles. Not all Parker, CO restaurants have a menu that is so versatile, and we strive to provide each guest with high quality service.

If you have specific diet needs, we are happy to prepare the meal accordingly. For example, we have menu options that include gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. We can also make adjustments for peanut allergies, because all of the food is cooked without peanut oil. Another thing that people love about our menu is the fact that MSG is never added to the ingredients, so you can enjoy your meal without MSG.

Call Indochine Cuisine if you are looking for a good options for dinner. We have a beautiful dining room where you can come to enjoy your meal with friends or family. Or, if you prefer eating in the comfort of your own home you can call in your order and then come pick it up. Our menu is available on our website for your convenience. Call to place your order: (720) 851-8559.

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