Indochine helps Parker Restaurants Make Strong Showing

Indochine is quickly becoming part of the elite Parker Restaurants. We have been voted as one of the top Asian fusion restaurants for six years running. We are proud that we are making a name for ourselves in the community that we know and love. Not a lot of people outside of Parker know about the growing restaurant scene here. When they think about quality dining they immediately think of downtown Denver or Boulder but Parker has some of the best up and coming restaurants in the state. We consider ourselves lucky to be mentioned among the best parker co restaurants.

Indochine has been in business for 10 years and we are here for the long haul. We started from humble beginnings but we worked hard and mastered our craft. When we started we didn’t have much idea about how to run a successful restaurant but we had a goal in mind to make the best food possible and provide our customers with an experience they will want to come back for again and again. We studied traditional Thai and Korean dishes and added our own flare to make them completely unique and unlike anything you will find at other Asian restaurants.

Opening a restaurant was a big step for us. With backgrounds in the technology industry entering the restaurant business seemed like kind of a strange option at the time. When we started we didn’t know what to expect and if we would even like running a restaurant. Neither of us were avid chefs at home but we knew that we had a passion to bring high quality Thai and Korean food to downtown Parker. We still could never have imagined how great our idea would become. Over the last ten years we have come to love what we do and enjoy serving our customers every day. We believe that is what being in the food industry is all about. We relish in seeing the same customers come back and the friendly relationships we share with them.

Our hard work finally paid off in 2008 when we were awarded with being one of the top 3 Asian fusion restaurants in Colorado. We have continued to be voted in the top 3 Asian fusion Parker restaurants every year since. We love getting awards and who wouldn’t. It feels great to be recognized but the real reward we get is seeing repeat customers come back time and time again because they love our food. Indochine is our creation so it feels just as amazing when a customer compliments a new dish as it does to receive any type of award. Our customers are what have allowed us to expand our reach and start new food ventures. We now have our own sauce bottling company, which was opened in 2009. We also opened a sushi restaurant called Sushine just across the hall from Indochine.

For award winning Asian cuisine come visit us at Indochine or give us a call try our fast and delicious take out: 720-851-8559

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