Choosing Parker Restaurants for Company Outings

Planning a company outing can be a fun experience, but sometimes it can be difficult to make sure that you are selecting Parker restaurants which will accommodate the needs of everyone in your party. Here at Indochine Cuisine, we are happy to provide lunch or dinner service for company parties and meetings, and there are several reasons why you should choose our restaurant:

Fast Service
If you are having a lunch meeting in the middle of the day, then it is likely that you are on a tight schedule in order to get everyone back to the office in a reasonable timeframe. Sometimes, eating at a restaurant can cause problems with scheduling for the rest of the day, because the restaurant offers slow service which stretches out the meal time.

At Indochine Cuisine, we understand that it is important to get your employees back to the office, so our lunch service is fast and efficient. If you have a specific time requirement that needs to be met, you might even consider calling ahead and we can begin to prepare the food before you arrive.

Flexible Menu
You never know if people in your group will have specific dietary requirements that need to be met, so look for Parker restaurants which offer flexible menu options that can be catered to a variety of eating styles. For example, you might have one person in your group who is looking for a gluten free meal, and another person who prefers vegetarian options.

We understand how important it is to make sure there are menu options that will work for a variety of eating styles, and our menu includes various dishes that can be adjusted if needed. All of the gluten free options are clearly marked, and vegetarians can choose tofu instead of meat.

Classy Environment
You want your meeting to be held in a good location, and our restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Parker for these types of meetings. We are happy to adjust the tables so that there are enough seats for everyone in your party, and we will handle all of the details for you. If you are planning a company meeting or lunch, simply call ahead and let us know what time you will be arriving, and we will have everything ready to go. This way, you can show up and focus on your meeting, without worrying about the details of the table setup or meal preparation.

We also offer takeout options if you are looking to enjoy the meal in your office. Take a look at our online menu to decide on the food choices for your takeout order, and then stop by to pick it up and take it back to your office.

Call Indochine Cuisine today, because we would love to help with your company meeting or party. We can accommodate groups of various sizes and we have a variety of menu options for you to choose from. You can contact us by calling our Parker restaurant at: (720) 851-8559

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