Kid Friendly Parker CO Restaurants

If you have kids in tow, you might be concerned about the Parker, CO restaurants that you can visit. Many parents mistakenly assume that they can only take their kids to fast food restaurants or somewhere with a play place. But, there are other restaurants in the Parker area that welcome children, and here at Indochine Cuisine we want to make sure that you can enjoy your meal with the whole family.

Seating Accommodations
If you have specific seating preferences, then let us know when you arrive. Some people like to sit in a booth, because then they are able to seat the child on the inside with the parent on the outside of the bench. For young children, highchairs or booster seats are a great option to sit them up to the table and help them feel like they are a part of the group.

Families are usually quite respectful when they are in a restaurant, but if you are concerned about the noise level then we are happy to sit you away from the main crowd. For example, some parents feel more comfortable with a table in the corner, so that they are less disturbing to other guests in the restaurant. When you come to Indochine, feel free to let us know if you have a specific place that you would like to sit.

Another option is to order your food and eat it at home. Parents often enjoy the convenience of being able to seat their child in their own high chair at home, and they love the fact that they don’t have to cook dinner. Takeout is a great option for a fast and easy meal.

Kid Friendly Foods
When you are looking at Parker, CO restaurants, it is a good idea to consider the menu to make sure there are foods that your kids will eat. Young children are often more picky about their food choices, and sometimes they don’t like the sauces and flavors in the standard dishes. At Indochine Cuisine, we have several menu options that are perfect for young children. These foods are simple and flavored in the perfect way that your children will enjoy. Plus, the children’s entrees come in a smaller portion size, because the adult servings are usually too much food for a young child to eat. The smaller portions are beneficial for the parent, because you won’t be spending extra money on too much food. At the same time, your child can enjoy the meal without wasting the leftovers.

We are happy to accommodate people of all ages, and your children are welcome in our restaurant. If your child has any specific eating requirements or food allergies, please let us know when you are placing the order so that we can make sure that those foods are avoided.

Call Indochine Cuisine to order a takeout meal, or visit our restaurant anytime. We are happy to share our delicious Asian flavors with your entire family! We can be reached by calling: (720) 851-8559

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