5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Restaurants in Parker

It is fun to take your kids out to eat at restaurants in Parker, but sometimes parents are worried about how they will keep their kids entertained at the restaurant. If a child is waiting for their meal, then they might get bored… which makes the parent feel uncomfortable because the young child isn’t willing to stay in their seat. There are several things that you can do to help your child have fun while you are sharing a meal out:

1. Bring Toys to Play With
A few small toys will fit in your purse, and they are a good option to pull out if your child starts to get bored or fussy. The toys don’t have to be fancy, even simple options such as finger puppets, books, and crayons can be a great way to provide entertainment for your children. Sometimes, children will want to bring their favorite toy, such as a doll or truck that they want to play with.

2. Guessing Games
A guessing game is a great way to keep older children entertained. Select several items from the table or your bag and set them out on the table in front of your child. For example, you might set out a fork, a spoon, a salt shaker, your cell phone, a pen, sugar packets, or anything else that is within reach. Have your child study the objects and then close their eyes. While their eyes are closed, you can remove an item and then have them guess which item you took away. Then, have them open their eyes to see which item is missing.

3. I Spy Games
Restaurants in Parker often have unique or different decor, which gives you the perfect opportunity to play games such as “I Spy.” Tell the child something that you spy, and see if they can locate it. For example, you might say “I spy a cowboy hat,” and have them look around to find the hat hanging on the wall.

4. Magnet Games
A magnet is a great object to keep in your purse, because it is small and very entertaining for children. Young kids can be entertained for a long time with a magnet, and these games can be played while you are waiting at restaurants in Parker for your food to be cooked. Hand the child a magnet, along with small objects such as paper clips or other metal things. Let them test the magnet against different items on the table, such as the silverware, condiment bottles, or any other objects that are within reach.

5. Phone Apps
Many parents like to keep the cell phone away from the dinner table, but some parents are ok with their children playing a game while they are waiting for their food. There are many apps that can be downloaded onto your phone, and those apps can offer hours of entertainment for your child.
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