So, is it fun running a restaurant?

We think running a restaurant is like playing in an extreme sport as one constantly has to be in the top shape in term of producing great foods, maintaining great services, keeping up with the competitors – 7×24!  If the competitors are coming up with a new dish, just like in extreme sport, we have to come up with something faster, quicker, more out-there dish with perfect execution!  And just like playing an extreme sport, discipline and commitment to continually honing your craft is so crucial.  One miscalculation can be deadly (alright, a little dramatic here).

We can write volumes of books about the things that happen daily in our restaurants – mostly great things but some very strange things.  Strange enough that if we tell you,  you will call us all sorts of names as those things are quite un-be-lieve-able!  We all know that restaurant business is a very difficult-to-succeed business and unless you love the satisfaction of seeing your guests literally click their plates, it is the business that we would not recommend to anyone.  So, why have we been in Parker for 13 years and are looking to sign another 10-year lease?

Because after being here for 13 years, we have gained so many friends from our pool of thousands of guests.  And after not having Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays off, we will be in complete lost – not knowing what to do with ourselves on those days and with whom to do what with!  We will miss seeing many babies becoming young boys and girls as they grow along with our business.  We will not have weddings to attend to that are not our own nieces, nephews, daughters’.  We would not be able to just randomly talk to someone and become his/her confidant in weeks!  In short, we will be so lost!

So, is it fun running a restaurant?  Yes, No and Yes!  We are grateful for the opportunity to be in this crazy, tiring but most satisfying business because of the people whom we meet daily here in the restaurants.  Without those kind and wonderful people to serve the food to, and without them loving, “clicking the plates”, this restaurant business will never be as fun.

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