What restaurant in Parker that will show you how to make Pad Thai in minutes? Indochine does!

Here is a quick recipe to make Pad Thai at home using our own Tamarind sauce.  It is super easy (as you can see from the video as well).  So what is Tamarind?  It is a very sour fruit that is very common in Southeast Asian as well as in South America.  We use Tamarind to make candies, beverages, sauces.  Our Tamarind sauce is gluten-free, soy-free and also is vegan.  It is very versatile and delicious!.  Enjoy!

Easy gluten free recipe

Easy gluten free recipe

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  1. This looks great! My husband and I love your restaurant. We love your sauces etc., and we love to cook. He is excellent but would love to learn more tips and techniques for Vietnamese and Thai cooking. I would love to get him a gift certificate for a cooking lesson or class from Yume. Would you be willing to consider doing that sometime in 2016 at a mutually agreed time for your convenience?

    It would make a perfect gift to include with some of your Panang Curry and other sauces.

    Thank you!
    Debra Hayashi
    Parker, CO

    • Dear Debra,
      Thank you so much for contacting us. Thank you for loving our place (It means alot to us as Indochine is our life and we love it too). Yume is working with Uncorked Kitchen in Centennial for a couple of classes in 2016 because there are many requests for her to teach classes and they have beautiful facility. However, with her pending cookbook that is to be done in weeks, she has not gotten the date(s) down. Are you on our FB or on our email via Royalty Reward program? All of our communication about classes are through there. As soon as a class is being scheduled, she will let everyone knows – and maybe it would work with your husband’s schedule then. Would that work? We apologized that we don’t have a more definitive answer. Yume loves to teach and she misses it alot! Maybe a gift certificate can be purchased via Uncorked Kitchen and tell them that you want to buy it for an upcoming class from Yume :-). Thank you.

  2. Do you use fish sauce in your curries or are the vegetarian?

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