How’s about ordering the best Thai food in Parker one hour earlier each day?

As our business continue to grow year after year – our kitchen is more than maxed out of its original capacity. Since we cannot expand it within Parker Station and we obviously don’t want to move out of Parker Station; we have been thinking and thinking and thinking for a good solution to our capacity problem. We think we might have found a solution.

As you know, we are close between 3pm to 5pm each day so that we can get a good mid-day break to do our personal errands as well as maybe catching up on some needed nappy times. Due to those two hours closures, many of our take-out customers have pend-up demands for our food that all are flooded into our phone at 5pm. Then our kitchen frantically cook all those take-out orders all the while cooking for our dine-in guests as well. The results is slower service to both – take-out orders and dine-inn guests.

We are going to do the following pilot in December to see if that will help us improve our service to our guests in term of getting our food out quicker:

1. We will open earlier for take-out services starting at 4pm each day. This means, if you call in at 4pm and order your favorite Thai or Viet food, you can pick up your order within 20 minutes of placing your order.
2. If you order our food through Deliver Parker, we can place your order starting at 4pm and they will pick up from us in 20 minutes and will deliver to you according to their schedule.
3. You can put in an order in our online order system and can pick up in the time that you selected and that we confirmed.

We hope this will help shifting the demand for our kitchen one hour earlier that will improve the overall services we provide to you, our important guests.

We are also working on a “meal delivery plan” that will hopefully be of great value to you in the upcoming weeks. We are always working very hard to make sure we are your best Thai food place in Parker :-). Stay tuned.

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