There’s a new Superhero in town!

If you know Yume Tran, you know that she’s often embarrassed by praise and compliments. She often deflects such accolades to her staff, the community support and her surrounding loved ones. However, don’t let her humility fool you, she’s a powerhouse of inspiration and enthusiasm and people are noticing! Thank you, Zagat, for recognizing Yume as one of 11 Superheroes of the Denver Dining Scene!

Shaping Our Youth through Business:

Looking around the dining room of Indochine, it doesn’t take long to notice that most of her staff appears very young. This is something that Yume and her husband and co-owner, Jeff, do intentionally. While laughter and fun fills the air, you won’t see silliness you might expect to see from such a young staff. Both Yume and Jeff hold their employees to a high standard of professionalism. It’s clear they in turn strive to exceed those expectations, taking a personal ownership of the success of Indochine. It’s not uncommon to see Yume sitting at a table with her staff, discussing topics like auto financing, college grades and the like. There is an obvious respect that flows both ways. Yume is more like a firm but beloved aunt than a “boss”, freely passing on her wisdom and guidance.

Taking the Next Step:

Mentoring young high school and college students is something she has an enormous passion for, and is a cornerstone of their business philosophy. She takes a keen interest in the ambitions of the people that come in to interview with her. What are their goals for their future? How do they intend to achieve those goals? And finally, how can she personally help them get to where they want to go? Scholarchef is a natural extension of that passion as well as an exciting new adventure for Yume. You can read all about Indochine’s developing program at the above link, and we’ll keep you posted here on our progress.

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