Indochine’s Own Sauce Are Making Their Way Online!

Most of you know that we came up with 14 sauces that we use in our restaurant to cook with and also bottle them for our retail center since 2007!  When we started creating, testing and bottling the sauces, Yume and Jeff’s young daughter, Clara, said the name of the sauce company should be Asian Meals In Minutes!  For a couple of years, the sauce were Asian Meals In Minutes.  Then we decided to go the MLM route with the sauce and changed the name to Meals In A Minute.  Well, we are not doing MLM anymore – even it was a fun venture for as long as it lasted.  Now, finally, our Asian Meals In Minutes sauces are called Zadinh – it means Family in Vietnamese.  Zadinh brings comfort and love.    Check back often as we are going to launch it soon complete with cooking videos and Yume’s weekly chat about her cooking philosophy.

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