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Have Your Heard About Our Grab-N-Go Food?

During the first part of the COVID pandemic, we put up a Grab-N-Go case with a few of our Off-the-menu items so customers can come in, grab some food and leave (as you know, we were not keen on hanging out anywhere for more than minutes when the whole country was in a lock-down mode). 
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Indochine’s Own Sauce Are Making Their Way Online!

Most of you know that we came up with 14 sauces that we use in our restaurant to cook with and also bottle them for our retail center since 2007!  When we started creating, testing and bottling the sauces, Yume and Jeff's young daughter, Clara, said the name of the sauce company should be Asian
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There’s a new Superhero in town!

If you know Yume Tran, you know that she’s often embarrassed by praise and compliments. She often deflects such accolades to her staff, the community support and her surrounding loved ones. However, don’t let her humility fool you, she’s a powerhouse of inspiration and enthusiasm and people are noticing! Thank you, Zagat, for recognizing Yume
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