Coconut Sugar vs Regular White Sugar

Indochine is always looking for the ways our food can be cooked with ingredients and portions that are make healthier meals for our guests. Our guests often ask Yume as to what she thought of certain ingredient. As we all know, Yume is not impressed with many food trends created by the genius
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Yume and Her Cooking Philosophy

It took almost 25 years to find out what was wrong with me. Even when I was a very young girl, I would pass out during mass, during school, at anytime and anywhere. My body would be forced into purging activities that were painful and made me feel like I was dying.
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Yume and creative process

Our guests often asked us as to how dishes are created at Indochine. Here is our answers: Yume is the one and only to come up with new dishes for our guests. There were days when she got hits after hits and yet there were months that was torturous for her as nothing she
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