Indochine is your kitchen away from home. Our food is prepared with you in mind: fresh, creative, delicious and from the heart. Enjoy your time in our kitchen! It will be our pleasure to meet and serve you personally.

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The winners for the Cabo trips from No-Peeking 2015 Promotions is:

Mr. and Mrs. Mike True. Congratulations to you two and we know you will enjoy the beautiful sun and sand and activities Cabo has to offer!

Lobster Tails with Ginger and Garlic Noodle at Indochine Cuisine

We normally offer this delicious dish only during Valentines and Mother’s Days. However, due to popular requests, we will be offering this delicious, unforgettable treat on the weekends starting April, 2016.

How’s about ordering the best Thai food in Parker one hour earlier each day?

As our business continue to grow year after year – our kitchen is more than maxed out of its original capacity. Since we cannot expand it within Parker Station and we obviously don’t want to move out of Parker Station;

Gluten Free

We offer a wide range of tasty Gluten Free (GF) dishes. Also, some dishes are Hot and Spicy but will season to your taste. Absolutely no MSG and no tropical oil or peanut oil used for frying.